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Need Drilling, Blasting or Demolition Services?

Blast Quest is a proudly South African company with an infinite quest to deliver professional Blasting, Drilling and Demolition services to the exact specification and expectations to you, our client.

Our famous motto of “That’s beautiful blasting!” is not only a quote from one of our clients but also summarizes our clients’ satisfaction with our blasting and drilling services. This quote became our motto, describing the essence of our commitment to safety, precision, our people and our environment.

Blast Quest is 100% BBBEE compliant and our family and network of highly experienced and skilled people can deliver the following services:

  • Blasting, rock breaking, drilling, demolition - Blast Quest does it all!Rock Breaking and Blasting to prepare construction sites;
  • Rock Breaking and Blasting for trenches, dams, swimming pools and foundations;
  • Blasting for road cutting and tunnelling;
  • Bulk Blasting;
  • Blasting of mine overburden, overhangs and top-soil;
  • Open Cast blast-hole drilling and blasting;
  • Secondary Rock Breaking and Blasting;
  • Precision Blasting in environmentally sensitive or populated areas;
  • Non explosive Rock Breaking and Demolition;
  • Drilling of blast holes, providing our clients with mobile drilling teams and
  • Explosive or non-explosive blasting and mechanical demolition of concrete and other man made structures.

Blasting services for civil construction, developers, contractors, mines and more.Our specialist services are offered nationally to

  • Mines & Quarries;
  • Civil Construction Companies;
  • Developers;
  • Construction Contractors;
  • Local & National Governmental Institutions and
  • Property Owners.

If you aren’t sure which service is right for your requirement or you are outside of South Africa you are welcome to contact us in order for us to see how we can add value to you or your client’s project.

You must agree, that promises Beautiful Blasting!


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